Cookieless Attribution and Targeting Guide

Brunner POV

Attribution, Targeting, and the Customer. What will they look like in a Cookieless World?

With the soon to be extinct third-party cookie, advertisers and agencies are going to have to look to new ways to track digital customer engagement as well as target key audiences. What began as a way to track online behavior and ensure better targeting has shifted to a growing concern over the misuse of this information.

Because no one can expect to control or predict what Google, Apple and other huge players do, advertisers need to come up with ways to track customer behavior and target key audiences. But more importantly, they need to ensure that they are doing so in an ethical way focused on customer privacy.

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Key Points:

  • Learn about alternatives to tracking and targeting and how to use them in a creative and non-invasive way.
  • Ensure privacy and ethical collection of first-party data.

Download the Cookieless Attribution and Targeting Guide and start navigating a cookieless world.