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Adopt the Blended Agency Model

From expert CMOs and marketing decisionmakers, to agency partners and in-house resources, blending beats disparity. At Brunner, we trust in the power of people, which is why we implement a ‘business-with’ rather than ‘business-for’ model. Here are some resources to help you along your journey to enhancing your agency relationships.

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Jay Pattisall, Forrester analyst, is an expert known for simplifying the worlds of media, creativity, in-housing and the agency sector. Leaning on 20 years of experience in advertising and digital marketing, he will discuss Forrester’s Blended Agency Model, which helps organizations to effectively adopt collaboration trends that can break silos. Jay emphasized on the following themes:

  • Agency economics and bridging the divide between leadership and agency partners
  • Managing the blending of resources and decision making across in-house capabilities and external services
  • The Blended Agency Model and expected results

Brunner guided the discussion and Q&A on why the ‘collaboration is key’ adage is effective at building lasting partnerships and positive outcomes. They also brought a real-life example of how the Blended Agency Model has been embraced and applied at Brunner in its partnership with client, Highmark Health. 


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In-house agencies are suffering the same identity crisis that's plaguing CMOs and the reputation of marketing. Forrester's partnership and joint survey with the In-House Agency Forum (IHAF) reveals that in-house agencies continue to struggle with resources and curtailed leadership. And our analysis of double-digit growth firms reveals that the solution lies outside the marketing department. Read this report to learn how a focused in-house agency strategy that distributes capabilities across the organization allows marketing to have a broader influence.


Get advice from Forrester Analyst, Jay Pattisall on in-house agency management and collaboration.

Read the top Q&A from our webinar on Forrester's Blended Agency model here >



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